Assassin's Creed 2 Special Edition Includes Missions, Music & Toys

Like any other high-profile (or even mid-profile) game these days, Assassin's Creed 2 will be available in a collector's edition. Let's take a look at what's inside.

Called the "Black Edition", the limited edition box set will ship in "black packaging", and come with a "unique authentic holographic signature". Whatever that means.

Included will be a "64-page finely crafted leather style hardcover and parchment-finish" book, which has stuff like concept art and developer interviews, a copy of the game's soundtrack, an Ezio action figure (pictured), some "behind-the-scene interviews" and 3 "in-game bonus quests".

As far as price goes, currently it's only being listed in PAL territories, at £69.99 in the UK (USD$115) and AUD$149.95 (USD$121) in Australia. Since most games cost around AUD$100 here, you can probably expect the US version to come in at around $US80-90.

Kotaku AU Note: I'll try to get some of these to give away closer to release. You guys up for that?


    totally up for grabbing one of these for the PS3!

    No reason why we wouldn't be up for that =]

    Another figure to chuck with the collection - still reckon there one of the better bonus's with collectors/pre-orders.

    As long as you don't make us videotape our parkour failures or something painful and embarrasing like that David, that'd be nifty to try and win one of these.

      Hey, now that's a really good idea...

    Interesting note: The PC version (still AU) is the same package at $130.

    Erg, and here I was telling myself that I wouldn't pick up another $150 CE after the quality of the SF4CE.

    At $149 beans I'll need to win it.

    Ask a stupid question...
    A giveaway of these little beauties would be awesome and much appreciated!

    Hell yeah Luke!

    There's also a "White Edition". I was under the impression that the White Edition was the one that came with the figurine.

    you're giving them away?
    lol - i just preordered mine today...

    So up for it!

    Holy sh** I'm excited!!!!!!!!I totally went into a game store today and saw the pre order poster and had a conniption hahaha then proceeded to layby it!!!! YES! YES! YES! I'M GETTING IT!!!!!

    I preordered mine!!! If you want the comp to be good I would suggest having to pay to enter (to get back money)

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