Assassin's Creed PSP Looks...Familiar

When Assassin's Creed was downgraded to the DS and iPhone, it became an entirely different game. The upcoming PSP version, however, looks to be sticking a lot closer to the original than its handheld competitors.

While these two screens don't really show how the game will function mechanically, they do at least show that it's a full 3D title, with Altair stalking the streets of what look to be much smaller (and for the PSP more easily-managed) medieval cities.

For the record, Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines, as the game is known as, is no port; it is instead an all-new game, bridging the events between the first game and the upcoming sequel.


    Wait, bridging the gap between the two games? I was under the impression that in the series' "present" there was no gap in between the two games - nothing to fill - and the gap in the "ancestral flashbacks" is... well, much too big for any single game to fill adequately. I smell confused canon.

    I... dunno. As much as I love the PSP and AC, this looks a bit underwhelming, particularly the cities. They look so empty and lifeless, in contrast to the console version. Ah well, fingers desperately crossed.

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