At Least One Million People Have Played Castle Crashers

It's the little Xbox Live Arcade game that could. Despite a rocky launch, The Behemoth's delightful brawler Castle Crashers has just seen its millionth player log a score on the game's leaderboard.

For a game released by such a small team, that's a tremendous achievement. Course, when you factor in people who bought the game but never logged a score, (hey, it happens, for whatever reason), it'll look even better.

I'd normally now ask politely for a direct sequel, but am thinking Castle Crashers: Natal instead. Give me a real workout, fitness games be damned.

Thanks A Million [The Behemoth]


    Castle Crashers is like a new-age golden axe, five hundred times the fun. Grats to them, hope they make a sequel.

    Dear God please no Natal Castle Crashers.

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