AU Diary: I’m Hunting Monsters

AU Diary: I’m Hunting Monsters

A handful of games were waiting for me upon my return from E3. One of them has even prompted me to dust off my PSP.

Capcom’s hosting a little media event today for the absurdly named Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. We were each given the game early in order to level up our characters before tackling the multiplayer stuff at the event.

I booted it up last night and spent two hours slogging through the tutorial. On the one hand I’m encouraged to discover far greater depth than I’d expected, but on the other I’m not sure I want to lose so many hours to a game that’s ultimately all about the grind.

Still, there’s a part of me that digs the whole survivalist aspect – the way you have to carve raw meat from a recently felled carcass then roast it over a spit to create edible food for healing – so I’m quite keen to play some more.

Also in my post-E3 pile of games were Ghostbusters (PS3), Tales of Vesperia (360), Fuel (360) and Overlord II (360). Which one would you like me to check out first?


  • Interested to hear what Ghostbusters and Overlord II are like as these are the only games of the bunch on my radar.

  • in the West, the Monster Hunter franchise is mostly an underrated game because it was a game intentionally designed to be played ad-hoc. And to find the time to roster up a bunch of monster hunting scrubs is way too hard for any ordinary person. In that sense it was a game specifically designed for the urban Japanese audience, because on the trains in Japan, you can turn this game on and guarantee yourself a party with some strangers nearby.

    I started playing MH Freedom 2 two months ago with my bro and it has been an absolute blast. Collecting the equipment I can say is only 50% of the game. Having gear alone won’t quite make it for you. You have to learn your weapons, learn the encounters and bring the right items specifically tailored to each fight. Its this crazy experimental and constant learning of these insanely brutal encounters that I find most enticing. Please don’t play this game solo – its boring as hell. You need buddies or don’t play at all.

  • oh god overlord 2! post everything, omit no detail no matter how small or perverted! you may have guessed but I’m really hanging out for this game

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