AU Diary: My Hardcore Gamer Cred Is Dead

I'm about to join the legion of "gamers" currently playing The Sims 3. What's happening to me?!

That funeral there is for my hardcore gamer cred. It died a half-hour or so ago when I placed my Sims 3 disc in my PC and confirmed that - yes - I did wish to install.

Now I'm facing a dilemma. Do I model my Sim on myself and create a virtual me? Or do I customise some totally outlandish fantasy avatar?

I'm leaning towards the former, but I could still be swayed.

How do you play the Sims? Do you like to be yourself or do you adopt a totally different personality?


    I found this an interesting way to approach the game:

      I just read Alice and Kev and HIGHLY recommend it.
      Brilliant procrastination tool.

      OH snap @Meow was going to link that myself.

      Never found myself invested in The Sims franchise. I dislike playing stuff when I'm unsure of the end-game.

    sims 3? laaammmmeeee.

    what happened to the gamer who was playing ghostbusters on the weekend? did you get all stay-puft-out?

    Losing your hardcore cred as a Sims player? You've not heard about some of those players then, they're really hardcode. Putting in months of work on a family and custom tooling the house and all of their furniture. I don't know if Sims3 supports all that though.

    could be worse.. you could be playing 'catz' or anything by 'imagine' on the ds...

    If I'm not starving my sims in a small, doorless room then I'll play the both random and normal strain of you average simmillians. I...enjoy it, and I've just come to accept that beating myself up over it will never make me stop trying each new game that comes around.

    Though I admit that occasionally I hide the desktop icon if some "hardcore" friends are coming around.

    David, no! What would the old Troika or Black Isle crew think if they could see you playing it now...

    Actually, they're probably playing it too.

    Wait, I'm also playing it.

    It's catching on quicker than the Swine, that's for sure.

    dont worry david, youre just turning into a woman is all

    I know heaps of people who claim to be fans of Ocarina of Time but wouldn't even call themselves a casual gamer, does that mean playing OoT ruins your cred? I'm sure you were being facetious, but I really don't see The Sims affecting one's hardcore credibility at all. I mean, it's deeper than a lot of "hardcore" games!

    Anyway, I always find that creating "yourself" is the best starting point. Remember that you carry on the same game throughout family generations, so it's more interesting to start with what you know and see what happens from there... if something outlandish eventuates, it'll be all the more satisfying.

    Maybe you could call it work, you know you're an entertainment media journalist right?

    I'd make up some line about working for the man, and the struggles of a journalist who is forced to play all titles. This unfortunately has led to you drawing the short straw round the Kotaku newsroom and you've been burdened with the task of reviewing the Sims 3.

    This way you haven't played it so much as you're reviewing it.

    Im thinking about getting it too... never been into the Sims before.. Somehow this one has sparked my interest.

    you could earn back your cred as a hardcore sims gamer and or machinema maker, i hear they've made story telling easier now

    Sigh, I know the feeling. I felt slightly dirty walking out of JB HiFi the night of its release 4th of June. To give myself some credit, I didn't plan on getting it on its launch day. I just happened to be having dinner and then wandering through the late night shopping and saw it.

    Curiousity tempted me. I even started playing it, basing it on myself and a couple of my real life and instantly stopped playing, why? because I refused to see the point of neglecting my real life friends and social interactions (constantly flashing IM conversations) with fake video game ones. Also, whats the point in making my in-game character goto the grocery store and buy food if I can't be bothered to do it myself in real life?

    So a day passed. The urge to play grew. I got to the sad state of generating my friends and a few female friends. I then proceeded to skill up.

    One last thing I can say is that... the great kisser trait, while ego boosting to select, is pretty freaking useless in the game.

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