AU Diary: Now With Less Waggle

Quick diary entry today, as I'm about to head off to Nintendo's Wii Sports Resort media event.

If you didn't already know, Wii Sports Resort is Nintendo's own first effort with the new MotionPlus accessory. The idea is that the Wiimote add-on gives you more precise control - and hopefully less random waggling.

Let me know if there's anything you especially want me to report back on when I write up my hands-on impressions.


    do you still look foolish when you wave the remote around everywhere?
    oh and does it feel a bit crisper?

    Maybe this is stupid, but I'm wondering how it will feel in the sword fighting game to have replicated 1:1 motion with no resistance when you clash swords?

    What I mean is it copies everything you do perfectly (supposedly), so say I do a vertical downwards slash, from above my head against my mate...and he blocks it before my sword even gets to his head hands will keep moving down to waist level but on screen he's blocked my sword up high. Will the sword just sit on screen blocked for a few seconds and then teleport down to where I'm actually holding it, or what?

    ...hopefully this makes the slightest bit of sense.

    When will they learn... people obviously want MORE waggle, less games, and more accesories.
    Am I the ONLY ONE screaming out for more ultra waggley party games?

    Don't have any M+ questions as it's out already.

    But could you ask Nintendo why they haven't even got release dates for Punch-Out!!, Excitebots, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Another Code R, Legendary Starfy or the countless other games that aren't on the release list.


    I would be really interested to see if the clearly apparent "quirks" of the Wii waggle are still evident after motion plus' first official Nintendo release. Playing Grand Slam Tennis there is still the apparent completely mistimed swing, ala Wii Sports Tennis.

    Bob import punch out from like i did

    $57 including shipping!

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