AU Diary: RPGs Are Just Too Damn Long

I started playing Tales of Vesperia over the weekend, playing just enough to feel its hooks beginning to sink in. Then today, a package arrived in the mail.

It contained another RPG, Star Ocean: The Last Hope.

So here I am, several hours into one epic adventure from Namco Bandai only to find Square Enix teasing me with the prospect of dozens of hours of even more epic adventure.

Then I realised, I never finished Lost Odyssey, despite giving it a good twenty hours. Nor did I ever finish Infinite Undiscovery. Nor Persona 3 FES.

I still haven’t seen the Broken Steel quests in my now on-hold second play-through of Fallout 3. I’m pretty sure I spent more time finding and installing mods than actually playing Oblivion. And I have yet to find out what happens to my dog at the climax of Fable II… although as far as that game goes I’m not overly fussed, to be honest.

It didn’t used to be like this. Back when I didn’t have a job, I used to be able to finish an RPG. Nowadays I really struggle to find the time.

We talk about prizing value for money, but how do you find the time to complete games that can last for 50 or even 100 hours?

Are RPGs too long? Or do I just need to be more selective and stick to one game rather than trying to sample everything?


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