Bargain Hunter: GAME Delivers Sweet 360 And PS3 Deals

game-june-catalogueYou have until Friday to get down to GAME to take advantage of these temptingly priced PS3 and Xbox 360 games.

All these are $49 on both PS3 and 360 until June 19:

Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Dead Space FIFA 09 LEGO Batman Mercenaries 2 Mirror's Edge Need for Speed: Undercover Prince of Persia Shaun White Snowboarding Star Wars: Force Unleashed Wanted

They also have the Wii console (blessedly free of crappy pack-in games) going for just $359.


    Bah, ebay is cheaper.

      only sooooometimes.

      Some people are just lazy and CBF going to a store so they will pay $10 more to outbid the other person.

      But you gotta look at Postage (which is a rip off on ebay, people OVERcharge. I was lucky enough a few weeks back to receive $3 with a game because the seller said Postage was cheaper than expected.)

      There is also playing the waiting game.

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