Bargain Hunter: GameTraders June Catalogue

Bargain Hunter: GameTraders June Catalogue

gametraders-picJune’s nearly over, so it’s probably about time I drew your attention to GameTraders’ June catalogue. Better late than never, eh?

So here’s a run-down of the deals on offer until June 30.

You can get yourself a Wii for the standard $399 RRP, plus a free copy of Mario & Sonic at the Olympics. Or a PS3 also for the standard RRP of $699, plus free copies of inFamous and Mortal Kombat vs DC.

On the games side, there’s GTA IV (360, PS3, PC), GRiD (360, PS3) and Fallout 3 (PC) for $69.95. Dead Space (360, PS3) and Devil May Cry 4 (PS3) are $49.95.

A bunch of DS Final Fantasy games are going in two for $70 deals. Guitar Hero III guitar bundles are going for $69.95 across all platforms.

And Resident Evil 4 (Wii) and Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles (Wii) are both $49.95.

If you’ve spotted any sweet gaming deals, then let the Bargain Hunter know.


  • These aren’t bargains. The PS3 deal is a Sony promotion, available everywhere. And all the “Cheap” games are $49 – $59 at JB HiFi.

    • Thanks Kerber, we’ve already covered JB’s June catalogue, but it’s always good to hear more price comparisons.

  • psst… BargAIn

    I’d love to support Game traders for being Australian, but they always, ALWAYS have the worst prices for games

  • If you join their game traders club thing (it’s free i believe), you get 7% off if you’ve bought so much from them before hand.

  • I was there on the weekend and saw Operation Flashpoint: GOTY Edition (game + all expansions) for $10. Only way to get it at the moment seeing as it’s still missing from

  • I’m very interested in the Guitar Hero 3 bundle for $69.95, that said there’s little else to be considered as a bargain, they’re all fairly standard prices

    Annnd I just checked for stock availability and there’s no copies of GH3 bundle for the PS3 in my area. This should’ve been posted 3 weeks earlier when the sale actually started 🙁 Now I’ll have to consider paying $85 at EB

    • Price match at places that don’t call up or require them to have stock. I think it sucks that EB Games require whoever your price matching from, to have the stock. Half the time you’re price matching is because they’re too far away, no stock etc… and because EB are rip-off themselves.

      Try Kmart, BIG W or Target.
      Even JB Hi-Fi – altho they do usually require the store to be at the same mall they are situated. But i have a few times avoided this if it isn’t too much for a price difference.

  • I smell a few of these comments actually being from employees! LOL

    I’m pretty sure a while back, a lot of comments were all about how good they were and about a few specials here and there. And everyone said it was an employee trying to talk them up.

    I think i’ve only ever purchased from GT around twice. and this was back when they had the yellow sign going. Always have & always will be rip off IMO. I remember back in N64 days, they only offered me $50 for a brand new 64, controllers, games & all and it wasn’t even 12 months old!

    They appear to look a lot like GAME & vice versa. Never purchased off them either. I stick with JB or price match to Kmart.

    But Blah2 seems a bit BLAH to me!

  • Found Bioshock on PS3 for $50 at Rhodes HMV on the weekend. Was also $50 at the Sanity in Burwood Westfield, but I noticed that EB are still pawning it off for $79 during their sale.

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