Bargain Hunter: WOW Sight And Sound Sale

wow-sale-catalogueThere's a "Red Hot Gaming Sale" happening until June 30 at WOW Sight And Sound. Let's see just how red hot this sale actually is.

Our friends at Ecogamer have a scan of full catalogue, but I've plucked a few notables out for you.

If you're after a console, the Xbox 360 deal looks the best: $479 for a 60GB console plus copies of Gears of War, Gears of War 2 and Guitar Hero III with guitar. Not bad if you actually want all those games.

The PS3 is also pretty good at $698 with a copy of inFamous thrown in. The Wii, however, is overpriced at $429 with two crappy games.

For my money, the best software deals are Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (Wii, $39), Lips (360, $50), Rhythm Heaven (DS, $44), Pure (360, $30) and a Dual Shock 3 with Uncharted (PS3, $99).

WOW Sight And Sound Catalogue June 30th [Ecogamer]


    Or you could go to JB-HIFI and get it for less, if you don't have a JB-HIFI near you, just check their price then go to any EB Games and they have to match the price.

      EB will only price match if they have said stock in, remember that :p

    It depends on who the guy/gal is behind the counter. some of the time they don't bother price checking and go with my word =o

    do you have computer's for sale

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