Bargain Hunter: WOW Sight And Sound Sale

Bargain Hunter: WOW Sight And Sound Sale

wow-sale-catalogueThere’s a “Red Hot Gaming Sale” happening until June 30 at WOW Sight And Sound. Let’s see just how red hot this sale actually is.

Our friends at Ecogamer have a scan of full catalogue, but I’ve plucked a few notables out for you.

If you’re after a console, the Xbox 360 deal looks the best: $479 for a 60GB console plus copies of Gears of War, Gears of War 2 and Guitar Hero III with guitar. Not bad if you actually want all those games.

The PS3 is also pretty good at $698 with a copy of inFamous thrown in. The Wii, however, is overpriced at $429 with two crappy games.

For my money, the best software deals are Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (Wii, $39), Lips (360, $50), Rhythm Heaven (DS, $44), Pure (360, $30) and a Dual Shock 3 with Uncharted (PS3, $99).

WOW Sight And Sound Catalogue June 30th [Ecogamer]


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