Battle Of The Wii Remotes: Official Vs Third-Party

Nintendo are no longer the only company in town with a Wii Remote on the market. You can get peripherals from third-party manufacturers too, with differing aesthetics and differing price points. So which is better?

Mark over at Gizmodo has spent some quality time with three devices - the official Wii Remote, along with Nyko & Mad Catz's offerings - and after putting all three through their paces, shares his thoughts.

At the end of the day, the Wii Remote emerges as the device with the best performance. Not surprising. Yet it's worth considering that both competing devices are not only cheaper (Nyko's Wand is $US35 while the Mad Catz Wireless Remote is $US30), but aren't as shoddy as you'd expect, with only some IR issues on both remotes really holding them back.

Battlemodo: The Wiimote vs. The Cheap Knockoffs [Gizmodo]


    Wow, the MadCatz remote is sexy.

    I don't own a Wii and don't intend on ever getting one, unless somehow Call of Duty games & Halo somehow get exclusive rights to JUST Wii.

    But i don't see why people would want to use third-party controllers. I actually don't know the price of a Wii Remote by itself, in AUS dollars. But you get one with your console & I would say, but still wouldn't know, most people have their own console and play by themselves.
    If i play my 360 with a mate i bring my controller & vice versa.

    But if families do sit around on the couch playing Wii like the corny adverts say they do - then why go with a third party remote. Not saying they are bad, but with the Wii you can get a controller with Wii Play & other games i think. Why save 10 or so bucks when you can save more buying a game and getting a controller thats made FOR the console BY the console manufacturers.

    Maybe its just my opinion from third party controllers on the Original Xbox?

      Wii aren't really designed for sitting around on your own and playing. The games can't really hold you on there own.
      It really is a "party" console. You get a couple of mates, a couple of beers and hit up a game that makes you toss your arms about like a dick.
      Wii remotes are Au$70 and Nunchucks are $30 sometimes you can get them on special for $79 for both. But yeah, If anyone out there is thinking about trading in your PS3 or XB360 for a Wii...don't. Its not the same thing.
      Think of a Wii as a kind of High Tech board game.

      The Wii Wand by Nyko has wear you can plug in stuff that was made just for the Wii Wand.

    Wii has sold so well off the back of casual gaming, Nintendo marketing was always pointed at converting the the 'never' and 'maybe' customers. This year will see whether or not the Wii can hold its hardcore gamers too. Sega's The Conduit and The Grinder look to be prime FPSs with solid online presence after impressing with House of Dead already. But I'm afraid shooter fanboys will always be disappointed that their 720p is gone, as we all know games are about rendering and smooth looks rather than actual gaming experience and inventiveness...

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