Bayonetta Girl Is Not Cosplay, She Is Art

Sega found a winner for that Bayonetta contest, and she's been breaking men's hearts all week long over at the company's booth. But don't call her "cosplay". Don't call her "marketing".

Call her "a work of art".

Just look at this costume. It's perfect. From the highly-detailed guns to the hair to the medallion to the fact she can actually clip her guns into her heels, just like the game, the costume oozes love for the game, attention to detail and, yes, an awareness of the weakness of men's minds.

Bravo, Sega. It's our COTS.

Click here to view the Bayonetta Girl gallery.


    Shame unlike Bayonetta, she's not that attractive :(


    And with those seven words and an emoticon you announce to the internet at large that yes, you are a virgin.

      Or alternatively, I'm not fat and fugly enough to have to go home with the ugliest girl in the bar.

      Also, emotes are a sign of virginity now? You sure live in a strange place buddy...

    she doesn't have huge gajungas?

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