Big Warhammer Online In Little China

GigaMedia and Mythic Entertainment are bringing Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau next week via GigaMedia's FunTown game platform according to an EA press release.

Interestingly enough, this announcement comes on the same day as a Reuters article reporting a new crackdown on "undesirable" online games in mainland China. According to that article, the number of MMO players in the country jumped to 40.17 million last year — a 23 percent increase.

Warhammer Online launched last September to pretty favourable reception and currently has something like 300,000 subscribers according to an EA Q4 earnings conference call. The CIA World Factbook tells me that Taiwan alone has 22.9 million people... let's see if there's an inverse relationship between the number of Taiwanese Age of Reckoning subscribers and the number of Internet Cafes in mainland China that the state shuts down.

China crackdowns on 'undesirable' games [Rueters via GamePolitics]


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