Billy Mitchell Denies And Denounces Taunting Tweets

Some unsportsmanlike tweets attributed to Billy Mitchell are 100 percent fake, says the Donkey Kong world record holder.

G4TV has reported that Mitchell, via Twitter, taunted rival Steve Wiebe after his unsuccessful attempts this past week to claim the Donkey Kong world mark that Mitchell holds. "The day after #Wiebe could not pull it off feels even better. His three pathetic attempts at breaking MY world record were almost honorable," said one.

We talked to Mitchell, and he categorically denies it.

"Not to break anybody's heart, but I don't go on forums, I don't do this sort of thing," said Mitchell, whose reputation as the bad guy in "The King of Kong" has led to a bunch of forged comments forum posts about him, his hair, ties, and hot sauce empire. "You're talking about one needle in a large haystack (of forgeries)," he said.

Mitchell intends to contact Twitter and have the fake Billy Mitchell account removed. For those who are skeptical, and whatever you think of him, take a look at the posts. Only one predates E3, and one misspells the name of Mitchell's hot sauce brand, an error I doubt the man would make.


    I think Billy has been framed and exaggerated somewhat, he deserves some respect for being probably the most accomplished gamer in history.

    Excuse me, but Mr. Mitchell does not deserve any of these nasty comments. If all of you had been following his career as I have, you would not be so ignorant to his power. Don't be so jealous, just because he has silkier hair than you doesn't mean you have to bash a legend and a prodigy.

    Anybody who is on Billy Mitchell's or Twin Galaxies' side need to never be involved with video games ever again. Billy Mitchell's scores are 100% fake, and Twin Galaxies' is owned by him. Check the damn tax records.

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