Box Of Old Zelda Games Redefines Definition Of "Case Fresh"

We don't post about video game auctions very often here. When we do, it has to be something that's pretty amazing. This cardboard treasure trove of Zelda fits that bill.

It's a box of sealed copies of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. The original SNES release. Like the wounded body of 1992 heaved itself upon our doorstep and, with its final, dying breath, left us with its greatest treasure.

There are six copies to be found within, and they've never been played. Never been soiled. Oh, they're also the PAL version, so if that's a problem for you, well, tough. Paradise don't come cheap.

Link to the Past Factory Case, Computer Space 2p [gameSniped]


    I Want one T_T

      I wish I could smell them =^)

    Might as well have posted a cardboard box full of gold.

    Oh btw, it's been sold for 144EUR buy it now which is approx 251.954AUD

      Not a bad price!

      Is that all?!? They could be re-sold individually for a fortune.

    Lucky for me I already have one!

    ill sell u my firstborn!

    Holy Crap, I think I just pissed in my pants...

    Darn! I'm drooling for one of them!!!! WHAT a CLassic!

    Holy crap. I bet they smell like Gods armpits. I want to caress its beautiful factory sealed goodness.

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