British Retailers Down On The PSPgo

As far as we're concerned, the PSPgo is a slick piece of hardware, but as far as two British game retailers are concerned, it may as well be a poison pie with boogers sprinkled on top.

"From my point of view I've got to think, ‘Do I want to stock this?' Right now I can't see any justification for stocking it," says Don McCabe of Brit games retailer Chips, which operates 36 stores across the UK. "Certainly I'm not getting the response from consumers."

Chris Harwood, from Grainger Games, is similarly downbeat. He says they only sell five PSPs a week across 21 stores, and with the new model costing £200-£230 (USD$330-$380), expresses doubts over its price.

"It seems really high, especially the way PSP's going at the moment," he said. "The models they've got out now are struggling at basically £129, pretty much [the]cost price, which we're putting them out at, and they're not selling through at that. We're trying to do some bundles just to push them through and the PSP just seems to have died as a format really… Nothing sells at the minute on PSP."

Interesting! Sure, these are two of the smaller retail chains (they're no GAME), but then, it's only these smaller chains that ever have the ability to speak out on this sort of thing. Wonder how the folks at GameStop/GAME feel about the new handheld?

UK Indie Retailers Downbeat On PSP Go [Edge]


    My local eb only stocks 2 psp's at a time.

    I work at GAME in autralia, and can't see it selling very well over here on release. It seems like a good console, but a bit too pricey and the perception of "There are no good games on PSP" hurts its chances. It needs some stand out titles for the platform to entice customers to invest in it. Lets see how GT for PSP turns out and if that will get the customers in. Chinatown Wars on PSP might have an impact too.

    I'd say its very understandable, I mean as much as I love the thought of the Go, there hasn't been anything that appealing as yet.

    I mean you need something more convicing that some racing games to sell a console. If a better launch title is announced then I think we'll see.

    I think what they're worried about is the fact that they can't sell any games for the PSP go. Ever.

    I work in a games franchise, and I personally don't see the point in the PSP Go. Consoles give us like $1-$5 profit, and since we cant sell any games with the PSP Go, why even bother stock it? Anything SONY (except PS2) doesn't seem to be selling anyway. Why won't SONY give up at least on the handheld market, it isn't remotely competing! Introducing a console that removes previous game compatibility doesnt work!

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