Bungie Announces New Halo Game

Bungie today, as expected, announced a new Halo title: Halo Reach.

It's due for release in spring 2010. I'd love to tell you more, but that's all that was revealed along with a short trailer showing the destruction of Reach, from before the events of the original Halo.

As a bonus for anyone buying Halo: ODST, if you buy the Halo 3 expansion (out September 22), you'll get an invite to the Reach MP beta.


    Im guessing that this is going to have the same story as the book: Fall of reach?


    Reach. Sounds like it'll have something to do with the Project Natal controller

    dont care what particular story arc they follow with it - anything is better than nothing... there is just too much to the halo world that they have created to just leave it at 3 fps's and an rts - its not enough... at least not for me

    As long as 117 shows up either- playable or not - dont care

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