Burglar Breaks Into GameStop, Can't Break Out Of GameStop

Some guy tried to rob a GameStop in East Liberty, PA. Despite exceptionally high security, he managed to get into the store easily enough. It was getting out that was the problem.

See, with all kinds of locks and shutters on the front door, back door and windows, the thief figured he'd break in by crashing through the roof. Which he did! Easy as pie. But then he looked around the store. Front door was locked, he couldn't open it. Back door was locked, he couldn't open it.

He was trapped.

So he dragged a filing cabinet under the hole in the roof, climbed up on it and left the way he came in. Empty-handed. Way to go, genius.

Burglar Enters Store Through Roof, Becomes Trapped [WPXI, via Go Nintendo]


    er... why didn't he take a back pack and stuff it full of stuff? no point leave empty handed! Even his pockets could have sufficed.

    Not that I'm advocating theft ;)

    maybe he wanted to palm off the games to buy a backpack?

    He could have smuggled them out "internally", so to speak. You'd need a fair bit of fibre in your diet to help pass that stolen PS3 later on, though...

      HAHAHAHA! That is so mean!

      He'd have no trouble with a Wii though, :P

    Maybe it was a proof of concept. Or perhaps an accident?

    I know I've fallen through retail store roofs on multiple occasions. They really should put warnings on those things.

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