Christian Bale Plays Metal Gear Solid, Hasn't Talked MGS Film

Christian Bale, star of a Ms. Pac-Man commercial and other things, talks about Metal Gear Solid. Sorta.

The incredibly talkative and very professional actor discusses the game and the MGS film with MTV:

MTV: Metal Gear Solid, is this something you've ever talked about doing as a film?

Bale: No.

MTV: Are you a video game fan?

Bale: Yeah.

MTV: What do you play?

Bale: That. Metal Gear Solid.

MTV: You play it?

Bale: Yeah.

MTV: How many hours does that suck out of you on a weekly basis?

Bale: You know what, no, I've kinda devoted my time to more constructive things of late. You know?

Things like the new Terminator movie.

Christian Bale Likes ‘Metal Gear,' Doesn't Like Talking [MTV Multiplayer]


    oh God no...please don't let Christain bale be Snake

    What don't you F'ing Understand?

    I felt the awkwardness reading that, wouldn't want to be the interviewer

    He'd probably say that upon going in the enemies radar.

    Sigh... I went from loving this guy to very honestly believing that he is an arrogant diva.

    If he doesnt think his gamer score is important he doesnt deserve to be Snake.

    Maybe Megan Fox could do the honors? The opposite happened with her.. from horrible Skank to green lovin gamer addict.

    ha...bit of a duche lets be honest. he makes it sound like hes just making stuff up.

    doesnt he have some lights to break lol....why do celebs pretend to care about games, just be honest

    What a stupid question.
    Why the fu** would he be playing it weekly?
    He is just one of the most famous actors out there going from movie to movie, im sure he has lots of time to play mgs on a weekly basis.

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