Cliff Bleszinski Is So Not Burnt Out

Two games into the third-person-shooter Gears of War franchise and series designer Cliff Bleszinski is so not burned out. "There have only been two Gears games," says Bleszinski.

Two back-to-back Gears games.

"There are still plenty of opportunities for things you can do in a cover-based shooter and there are still a lot of stories to tell in the Gears universe," says the designer. "I'm not burned out with the franchise at all."

Dude's got a huge point — there are only two Gears games. Wait until Bleszinski's promoting the inevitable Gears of War 7 to ask him if he feels burnt out.

We really hope Gears 7 is better than Gears 6.

Cliff B 'not burned out on Gears' [CVG]


    lol great article! However, (SPOILERS AHOY!) i assumed there was going to be a third after the credits of number 2? At the end of the credits, Adam Fenix said something very crucial to the franchise about them making a big mistake in sinking jacinto

    I hope they do a GoW 3 then do something different. I was hoping this from Bungie aswell, but now we are expecting Reach.

    Don't get me wrong, i absolutely LOOOOOVE Halo. But i just feel, they told that story arc of what was happening 'present' with the war & stuff. But i just don't want them to be known as JUST the Halo guys. Thats who they are though either way but i know they can do other great things. Even a Marathon remake or something.

    I cannot wait til Reach or another Gears however. I just hope they don't thrash either series too much without showcasing some talent in other fields.

    I have no doubt their will be a GoW 3 and I cannot wait for it. Gears 1 was great and Gears 2 was truely one of the best sequals I've ever played...everyone remember now...cause you know it was awesome!

    I wish they'd do another single player Unreal game with a good story that doesn't include big men yelling and sawing lizards in half. *not a gears fan*

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