College Freshman Gets Life In Console-Dispute Tragedy

A Fresno man was sentenced on Friday to life in prison for shooting a 19-year-old to death in a dispute over a PlayStation 2, bringing to a close a tragedy first reported on two years ago.

Jonquel Brooks (pictured at right), a freshman at Fresno State, shot and killed Brant Daniels, 19, and wounded Daniels' friends in the May 2007 incident. Daniels and the others had gone to Brooks' apartment to look for their stolen console. Brooks claimed he acted in self-defence. He surrendered to police after a two day standoff.

Police didn't find any PS2 in his apartment. Regardless, Brooks was found guilty in April of first degree murder and attempted murder. According to the Fresno Bee, Brooks got a total of 109 years and four months - 25 to life for the killing, 25 for using a gun, and 59 years, four months for three counts of attempted murder. It was not specified if those were consecutive or concurrent sentences.

Either way, it's one hell of a lot of hard time over a $US100 PS2.

Man Gets Life in Killing Over PlayStation [Fresno Bee, and image]


    This report seems to be supportive of the Video Games = Violence theory.

    What is the importance of the PS2 in this case?

      It's mentioned--that's the link. He could've been there to get back his dog, or TV, or mobile phones, but then it wouldn't have made the news.

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