Cops Called In At Game Design Competition

Cops Called In At Game Design Competition

raskulls-cop-croppedThe police were called in as the winner of a design competition held by Brisbane developer Halfbrick was announced.

The police were called in because, well… they won.

Halfbrick has been running a competition for its upcoming Xbox Live Arcade game, Raskulls. Entrants had to design a Raskull for inclusion in the final game.

The winner was a Raskull known as “Police”, described by Halfbrick as “flawlessly constructed with all elements of design working perfectly. A simple concept tailored exceptionally well to the Raskulls formula, the entry became a clear favorite within the Halfbrick studio.”

The artist behind it all is Jamie Cartwright, a 20 year old UK resident. His prize is the immortalisation of his design in the final XBLA release of Raskulls as a playable character. He also receives a free copy of the game upon its release, along with a limited edition King figurine and Halfbrick T-shirt. The two runner-up designs also receive a free copy of Raskulls and the bundle of merchandise.

See the winning and runners-up designs below, plus a selection of other highly commended entries.


Raskulls [Halfbrick]


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