Crackdown 2 Has "Entirely New Map"

I'll tell you a funny story. For all the pomp, all the circumstance, all the celebrities present during Microsoft's E3 keynote address, one game was more exciting to me than all others. And that was Crackdown 2.

Not on the strength of the short teaser trailer, which really showed nothing. Not on the strength of details, because, well, we didn't get any. Just because it was Crackdown. Only more of it.

That lack of details was only going to last so long, though, and having spoken with developers Ruffian, Edge have given us our first info on the sequel to one of the 360's most beloved original titles.

For starters, while the game will still be set in iconic Pacific City, it's set farther in the future than the first game, resulting in an environment Ruffian say "you probably would look at it as being an entirely new map".

Also revealed is that while the game is being worked on by a new studio, it's not necessarily being worked on by new people, as "close to half of [the]team worked on the original game", and have been hired "from every discipline who worked on it". Artists, designers, programmers, the works.

For a few more tidbits, like the team's thoughts on the game's technology and how the genre shapes up these days, hit the link below. Interview: Ruffian Games [Edge]


    As long as i can jump and throw myself metres in the air and survive, run around shoot someone, then throw a car in anothers face, i'm happy!

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