Crysis 2 Trailer Is Light On The Crysis 2

Crysis 2 is going multi-platform. Don't expect this E3 trailer to shed light on how it will look on consoles. It doesn't.


    Waist your 1:10 on something else.

    To be fair, I'd call this a teaser, rather than a trailer.

    Agreed. I've seen more interesting trailers from Uwe Bolle...

    Great well that revealed nothing, what a waste of bandwidth, you would think a beautiful game wouldnt be so camera shy.

    uh, duh its a teaser trailer. if u had gone 2 a normal site like ign, then it would have already been labeled as that.

    by the way, crysis 2 aint comin out till march, so what is yalls problem??? No other game would have released a high quality trailer this early. They still in early development of it. Go check out MGS: Rising trailer. Those games are legendary on the PS3, but its trailer sucks more than this crysis 2 teaser.

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