Deceased Wrestler Loved Great Video Games

Earlier this week, tragedy struck when Japanese pro wrestler Mitsuharu Misawa was killed in a freak ring accident — suffering lethal spinal damage from a suplex.

Considered one of the greatest pro wrestlers ever, Misawa's popularity in Japan rivaled Hulk Hogan's in the West.

Besides being a fantastic wrestler, he was also a gamer. A Famitsu interview with Misawa lists his favorites:

Super Mario Bros. Momotaro Dentetsu Ganbare Goemon! Karakuri Dochu Dragon Quest Final Fantasy Fire Emblem R-TYPE Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Super Robot Taisen

The 46 year-old wrestling great will be missed.

プロレスラー、三沢光晴さんが好きだったゲームソフト [my game news flash][Pic]


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