Denver Teen Opens Retro Video Game Store

Denver teen, and Kotaku reader, Elijah Taylor opened his own video game story this week in Denver.

Taylor tells us that the store specialises in rare, old-school collectible video games like Earthbound, Mario RPG and Bubble Bobble 2. The store stocks games for the Genesis, N64, SNES, PS1, Dreamcast, NES, Saturn, Gamecube, PS2, Xbox, PS3, Wii, 360, Gameboy, Gameboy colour, Gameboy Advanced, DS, Game Gear and Atari.

When Taylor's single mum passed away about a year ago he dropped out of school, got his GED and landed a job at a local video game store. Last week he and a friend decided to launch the store together.

He told 9 News that he and his mother used to game together and that many of the titles he is now selling came from their collection.

"I could look through here and be like, 'Oh, I remember playing that with my mum when I was just kid,'" Taylor said. "I hope, you know, she'd be proud of me. I hope that, you know, if she were here now, she would be proud of all this. This is a store that she would like, you know, she would shop here."


    Good on you Elijah and best of luck with the store. If I lived in Denver I'd shop there for sure.

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