Details On PSPgo Battery Life, Accessories & More

The European has shed a bit more light on the newly announced PSPgo hardware, answering some burning questions about how it differs from the currently available PlayStation Portable models, including battery life expectancy, accessory compatibility and Memory Stick changes.

The PSPgo, according to official European word, will come with an "embedded battery" offering a charge "equivalent with the current models." That means approximately 3 to 6 hours for gameplay and 3 to 5 hours for playing back video. Looks like a smaller battery may cancel out power saving benefits achieved from dropping the UMD drive.

Other things dropped? Support for older PSP accessories. With the smaller form factor comes a smaller USB connection, meaning new cables and peripherals will be specific to the PSPgo. The blog writes that Sony may offer an adaptor, but we'd imagine that might be hard for things like the PSP camera.

The European doesn't, however, reveal any further details about the UMD "goodwill program" that will let owners of physical copies of PSP games transfer them toward digital copies. But poke around the Q&A and you might find other answers you're looking for.

PSPgo - Your Questions Answered []


    So the battery is soldered in.
    (Changing the battery is how you get homebrew on there.)
    Nice one Sony, but it's not over yet.

      Actually the newer hacks that enable the PSP3000 to run homebrew don't use the battery but rather a picture glitch to start it. It may not be permanent (reverts after shut-down) but it says something.

    Well, with no battery life or price advantage, I'll be grabbing the snazzy purple Hannah Montana pack instead. Seriously--purple PSP, man! (Then I can probably burn the game that comes with it)

    Battery life will probably be just as bad.

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