Dirt 2 Wii Looks Rather Clean

The second game in the Colin McRae Dirt racing franchise marks the debut of the series on the Nintendo Wii. Here's an idea of what that will look like.

The game actually doesn't seem to have suffered too much from the transition. Sure, it's nowhere near as detailed as its big brothers on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but it looks like Codemasters has done a pretty reasonable job of keeping the core game play intact while tweaking the graphics so they don't simply seemed like a dumbed-down version of something from a much more powerful console. Good for them!


    Please oh please let us use the nun-chuck to steer. I'm sick of the tilt sensor for tricky steering games.

      Haven't you heard... theres a this new add-on! Motion Plus!
      It's this thing Nintendo have released to milk more money. Cause ya know, the Wii is so cheap that they make you go buy accessories to make up for the cheap cost.

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