Do Not Judge This PS2 Casemod By Its Cover

If I ever go to prison, I want this modder on the outside. That, gang, is a PlayStation 2 inside Jack Thompson's page-turning tribute to himself. And yes, GTA III was the first game played.

The modder is Mattigus, a user on the Halflife2.Net forums whose sheer brilliance shines like a gold mine. He's "almost positive" someone else has thought of it, but whatever, he's the only one providing pictures. Below you can see his Limited Edition Jack Thompson Out of Harm's Way PS2 plugged in, and running (although no screen). The cell phone is on the book because the cover won't close under its own weight. And, who wants Jack staring lazerbeams through you for indulging in the violent pornography of Marvel vs. Capcom 2?

Many thanks to reader Rune for spotting this and sending it along.

Jack Thompson PlayStation 2 [HalfLife2.Net Forums]


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