Duke Nukem Forever Still In Development

Getting slightly sick of all this to-and-fro myself, but if you're still hanging on the development status of Duke Nukem Forever, developers 3D Realms claim the game is still being worked on.

The disclosure can be found within court documents relating to the franchise, and specifically reads "[3D Realms/Apogee Ltd.]admits that it has continually worked on the development of the DNF for many years, and continues to do so".

In addition to this reveal, it seems publisher Take-Two began development of another Duke Nukem game, Duke Begins, in 2007. This title, however, was canned in April 2009, right around the time the publisher's support of Duke Nukem Forever dried up, leading to speculation that "Duke Begins" was as much a bargaining chip in negotiations with 3D Realms as it was a legitimate product.

Am I the only person in the world who reads all this and thinks "why?". This is Duke Nukem we're talking about here, not Halo. It stuns me that Take-Two continued to sink so much money (we're talking millions upon millions) into not one Duke Nukem project (which this side of the 1990's was one too many), but two.

3D Realms Countersuit Reveals Continuing Duke Nukem Forever Work, New Duke Game [Shacknews]


    They better finish it quick. I can't wait for it to come out.

      hahahahah hahaha...ha...ha so sad

      Tech Slice:
      Won't really matter if it comes out or not now. Unless the game is the next revolutionary step in videogaming, nothing can justify 10+ years in development. I mean look at Prey for gods sake... and Too Human? Ugh.

      I love Duke, I had the shareware platformer games, they were great. But this, this just reeks of trying to stir up controversy to get the game noticed by people now they all don't care.

      I want the game too, but I also know again, that there's no way the final product will be indicative of 10+ years work. In that timeframe you could make a game 100% photorealistic for gods sake.

      Yea you can, you have been for 11(?) years already. You can wait another.. 2 years.

    Oh god not this again, just cancel it, its taken too long and it'll probably be crap anyway.

    I'm growing tired of the to-and-fro myself, but I think Luke's being far too dismissive of the Duke Nukem franchise here. Sure, it really amounts to three great games and a truckload of garbage, but in a way that only makes fans want DNF even more.

    For many gamers - like myself - Duke is an iconic and beloved part of our gaming history. Has DNF taken so long that it's hard to care anymore? Yeah. Is it likely to be remotely worth the wait if it's ever released? Probably not-- scratch that, just plain no. But that doesn't mean there's not a lot of us out there still hoping it'll be released, and at least a bit of fun.

    The day Duke nukem forever comes out, we will see a radical revolution in gaming. Now read that statement again but try and imagine it dripping with venomous sarcasm.

    "Am I the only person in the world who reads all this and thinks “why?”."

    How dare you use such blashphemy. Duke Nukem is the definition of awesome. I've been waiting for this game since I was in highschool, I am now 26.

    I look foward to the game coming out solely for the reason people will shut the hell up about it, from what i saw of the gameplay footage i did not see a single thing that looked unique or interesting in any way, that said i never played the originals so they have no nostalgia hook.

    Yea, DNF would be great, just look at that final video they released a couple of weeks ago. I think if it were released, we would have to ignore the 10+ yrs of dev, and just judge the game on how it plays, not how long it took to develop. But honestly, It aint coming out. After that much time and that much money they wont release it!

    I'd like to know where they get the money for this. The only companies I can think of that can afford a business model like this are Nintendo and Blizzard, but this is 3DRealms we're talking about.

    I agree that its a waste of money now. There's no way DNF is going to come out and blow every other fps away. The only people that remember and care about duke are 30+ now, so the game itself needs to set itself apart, and considering games like crysis, bioshock,team fortress 2, gears of war, far cry, to name a few, what can DNF bring to the table? 'chewing gum and ass kicking'? You need more than that nowadays.

    TRANSLATION: The guys at 3D Realms are still playing WoW and jerking off.

    I've been waiting for Duke since High School. I played the demo for months and the game for longer. While friends raved about Quake and how great the graphics were I argued that it didn't touch the character and gameplay of Duke.

    However without anything to keep me going for ten years straight I've got to say that I'm over it. Bring it out or don't bring it out. I don't care anymore.

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