E3 The Making Of: A View From Inside

I'm not sure if we're exactly supposed to be here, but we are, and we're armed with cameras. So here are your first shots of E3 as it pokes its way through the cocoon of the last two years and tries to reinvent itself.


    So who else is getting up at 3am to watch the Microsoft press conference? E3 is back baby wooooooooooo!

      Where are we able to watch it from. What site exactly?
      3am - who's time. What city & day(morning) or night?

      i was thinking about it... but i have to go to that place where i get money to buy games...

    Hopefully, ill wake up. But knowing myself. Ill just get up for the Nintendo Conference

    Microsoft will be at 3.25a.m tonight (AU)
    Nintendo will be tomorrow at 2.00am (AU)

    you can watch them live at e3.ign.com or gametrailers.com


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