E3's Unmentionables: What Microsoft, Nintendo And Sony Forgot To Say

Earlier this week Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony each hit the show with big news, unveiling a slew of major titles, major surprises and innovative technology.

But despite a strong showing across the board at the big three press conferences, there were still quite a few things left unsaid. Like what about that rumoured Playstation 3 slim? Or Microsoft's promise to fill us in on how the Zune HD would work with the Xbox 360? And why no word on Pikmin 3 from Nintendo?

Fortunately, Stephen Totilo has wrapped up all of the things we missed at this year's trifecta of top-tier press conferences for your easy access and grousing.

Things Unmentioned At The Sony Press Conference Things Unmentioned At The Nintendo Press Conference Things Unmentioned At The Microsoft Press Conference


    i do not know why people care so much about backwards compatibility! I mean.. if you have all PS2 games.. then don't you have your PS2 console still? Do you EVER play those titles anymore anyway? Seriously now! Who CARES.. its dead in the water.. forget about it. I'd rather have extra hard drive space in the next PS3 than stupid Backwards compatibility.

    God damn it Sony.. just bring the slim out! I wanna start [email protected] on 85W per console.

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