EA "Launched Too Many New IPs" In 2008

Last year, EA tried something new: they released a number of titles based off brand new intellectual property. Perhaps, in hindsight, too many.

In an interview with Gamasutra, EA's Frank Gibeau has said:

I think in the spirit of your question, I think we launched too many new IPs all at once in Q3.

I would have spread them out and found better windows for them. I would have had longer marketing for them. The marketing cycles were fairly short. We didn't have enough assets to really build the fanbase, build the community, and get that long lead demand built.

So I probably in hindsight would have picked a couple different windows for Dead Space and Mirror's Edge.

In hindsight, yeah, I bet you would have. But you know, for all the people getting down on both those games...in the 6-9 months since their release, word has spread. Both were, for their quirks, excellent games (probably my two favourite from 2008, even). So when the sequels roll around, things will be different. People will be ready. Ready with money. A Different Track: Frank Gibeau Talks Strategy [Gamasutra]


    I really need to go back and play Mirror's Edge again with guns. Completing it first playthrough trying to get the "Test of Faith" Trophy/Achivement was so brutal I couldnt look at the game again afterwards.

      I love Mirror's Edge - REALLY love it - but I have no interest in going through it without avoiding guns as much as is possible. Most of the enjoyment later in the game comes from taking out rooms full of enemies with nothing but hand-to-hand combat. Sure, it can be pretty punishing, but that's all part of the fun.

    Moar Dead Space please EA, kthxbai.

    It out-Resident-Eviled, Resident Evil 5 by a long looooong way.

      Agree a billion times over. For me, the RE5 demo was almost a joke to play after the wonderful controls of Dead Space.

    I never gave mirrors edge a go, deadspace was awesome though.

    They'd have been fine if they'd tested them properly. I desperately wanted to love Mirror's Edge, but - particularly as it went on - it was simply close to unplayable. Great idea, poorly executed, not adequately playtested.


    Companies realising that people want to play games all year round and have money to spend all year round, and not all at once?

    Thought I'd never see the day (except for Rockstar, that is)

    Uhhh...haven't we read this quote before? Like, months ago?

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