Edge Of Twilight Has Come A Long Way

When I last set my non-fuzzy eyes on Fuzzyeyes' Edge of Twilight I was a bit disappointed. After seeing the latest trailer, I am absolutely ecstatic.

This is exactly what I was talking about when I compared the look and feel of the original screenshots to something out of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Planescape setting - a mixture of steampunk and fantasy that gives the game a completely otherworldly look and feel. The main character, Lex, has undergone a redesign in both his bulky human form and his lithe alien form, which he switches between as he explores the twin realms of Night and Day, and the environments themselves are places I definitely want to explore.

The voice over is similarly intriguing, with the final words giving me chills: "One little slip of your knife, and a lifetime of pain can just drain away." Shivers. I'm hooked. Edge of Twilight is scheduled for release this year on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, or PC. Check out the official web site for a little more background info.


    bahaha, that last shot must have taken all of 2 seconds to animate. arm looks completely disjointed. looks like this is shaping up to be similar to fable2. if its not as buggy ill consider renting.

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