Erotic Game Developer Explains Foreign Access Web Blocking

Minori, developer of adult PC titles like Bittersweet Fools and Angel Type, explains why the company has blocked website access outside Japan — to protect you.

While accessing the Minori site from Japan poses no problems, those outside the country have been greeted with this message:

This website cannot be browsed excluding Japan.

Some foreigners seem to be having an antipathy against EROGE. Therefore, We prohibited the access from foreign countries, to defend our culture. Sorry for you of the fan that lives in a foreign country.

As we previously mentioned, these recent defensive measures from erotic game makers come in the wake of the Rapelay controversy and subsequent rape game banning.

Minori has updated its site with a explanation as to why it is blocking access for users outside Japan:

Why minori blocking foreign accesses?

We are little perplexing now because we received a lot of response about this issue from foreign people.

Now we will tell you the short detail about the reason why blocking you to this website, because of we, all Japanese EROGE makers were facing at the problem, the crisis of "Freedom of speech".

Currently, The bill that allows to limiting the content (It is censorship. Isn't it?) to all EROGEs is being discussed in the Diet because intellectuals and politicians said "Japanese EROGE were being problem and troubled with the foreign country. Therefore we should make EROGE hidden away from foreign country, and also its content should be limited and censored".

Okay, now we trusted the word what they said at once. So we blocked you to make stay away from the trouble.

...Do you like that?

If not, please tell your idea directly to Japanese government and politicians. (For example, you can write the letter to the administration of Japan directly from here.) (If you can comprehend Japanese...There is information of the politicians in Japan.)

Otherwise, you just can talk your idea about this issue at your blog or other media to inform the existance of this problem to the public. It would be very helpful for us.

If you do so, we might be able to recover the "Freedom of speech" and the barricade lying in between us would be taken away.

Please help us.

We hope this separation would be only for short moment.


Good on Minori to attempt to explain its actions (in a foreign language to boot!), instead of completely sealing itself off from the outside world.

Minori [Official Site via Sankaku Complex]


    This was to be expected >.>
    Stupid overly zealous complainers >.>
    Its hard to follow the status of upcoming VNs and such because of this block.
    Well thank you to Minori for clearing up the issue.

    Sigh, seriously, people are still complaining about this. Let Japan do what it wants, the whole thing is just make belive anyway.

    What really bothers me is that when something horrible happens in real life such as rape and the individual(s) walk (presuming they are actually guilty), people don't even put half the effort into complaining about those situations and trying to change things. However they are happy to complain about this, go figure.

    Its true. People, most of the time, don't want anything to do with it. My Mum was telling me her and her sisters were told that i some one was trying to rape them, don't yell "RAPE", Yell "FIRE". If you yell rape people just don't want to get involved, if you yell fire people will at least stick there head out the door to see where he fire is. But when i comes to something like this, where in all honesty we have no right to complain about, as it is legal in there country, everyone jumps on the band wagon.

    While I am on a rant;). Its the same with the Chasers and that hospital stunt. The main complaint was that fella who was watching it with his terminially ill child. WTF was a kid doing watching the Chasers in the first place.

    Ok I am done.

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