Erotic Game Makers Give Games "Cleaner" Titles

With "rape games" officially banned in Japan and politicians cracking down, the country's erotic game makers are feeling the heat.

What to do? In order to avoid another outcry or to prevent falling target of international protests, adult game developers are giving new and upcoming titles less sensation names.

So, Slippery Pregnancy Princess (our translation) becomes a shortened form of "Slippery Princess" ("Nuru Puri").

Here's a list of recent retitled games. The titles are in Japanese, and we've localised them into English for your reading pleasure — or displeasure, perhaps:

Original title: Mihiro Sensei's Rape Diary New title: Mihhiro Sensei's Diary.

Slave Maiden's Rape Hell Young Girl's Prison

Repayment Sex Slavery Repayment Plan

The House of Female Slaves The House of Shame

Demon Father 2 ~ A Brute like you is not my father! ~ Demon Father 2

Slave Officer Claris Depraved Officer Claris

One has to wonder if the Rapelay controversy would have reached international incident if the game didn't have a catchy English title. The Japanese word "goukan" certainly doesn't stir the same feelings of controversy in English speakers.

ソフ倫の陵辱系エロゲ規制を受けてエロゲタイトル変更続々 :にゅーあきばどっとこむ [にゅーあきば。こむ NSFW]



    I for one think that titles are a lot classier this way, haha.

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