Fan-Made IPhone Wallpapers Look Familiar

Fan-Made IPhone Wallpapers Look Familiar

Surprisingly, there’s more than just Street Fighter in this lineup of fan-made Capcom wallpapers. Mega Man, Duck Tales and Lost Planet feature prominently plus some games I’m not even sure I can name.

Capcom blogger CurlehMustache put these wallpapers together to celebrate the release of the new iPhone 3Gs tomorrow. Here’s the instructions for getting them onto your phone:

If you find one that you like, save the enlarged non-iPhone image to your iPhone/iPod touch and set it as your wallpaper. They look fantastic shrunken down on the small screen. I made sure the dimensions were spot on so that there would be no need to move the image around when setting it.

If there isn’t one you like, Curleh also has a thread for users to post their own. Check ’em out and let me know if anyone throws up one for Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers. Then I might actually get around to buying an iPhone — for real this time.

Custom Capcom iPhone/iPod Touch Wallpapers [Capcom]

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