Final Fantasy XIII Still On Track For Winter 2009 Release... Japan. Square Enix announced that eagerly awaited role-playing-game Final Fantasy XIII would be on the Xbox 360 next Aussie autumn. The game still looks poised for a late 2009 release in Japan.

The company's Japanese language E3 line-up announce lists the PS3 version (it's not announced for Xbox 360 in Japan) for "Winter 2009" — which was announced on the Japanese demo bundled with the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete blu-ray disc. rumours have been swirling that there might be a FFXIII delay after remarks made by Square Enix boss Yoichi Wada.

スクウェア・エニックス・グループ、E3 出展タイトルラインアップを発表 [Square Enix]


    im getting impatient, i really want square enix to hurry up and release FFXIII in australia, its too bad you can only buy the demo on the internet :( ps3 better come first over 360 :)))

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