Final Fantasy XIII "Targeting" A 2010 European Release

Final Fantasy XIII is due in Japan later this year. And in North America during Autumn, 2010. But when can Europeans (and by extension, Australians) get their hands on it?

Do they dare to hope for a speedier turnaround? After all, the last core Final Fantasy title, FFXII, was released in Europe a whole year after it was out in Japan.

Well, Europeans, best keep hoping, because Final Fantasy XIII director Motomu Toriyama told us today that as far as the European version of the game goes, they're targeting a 2010 release.

Not the 2011 release comedians/pessimists would have picked, which is why we're passing this on, but 2010 can still mean "late 2010". Which would, again, be a whole year later than the Japanese release.


    You really would think that doing a simultanious launch would be in the companies best interest. I'm still mystified by the fact that Kojima Productions seems to be the only Japanese dev house thats seems to understand that Japan is a relatively small market in the grand scheme of things.

    Meh. The US version will be English-dubbed and region-free, so a European release doesn't really matter except to the non-English speakers (or those who don't want to import for some reason).

    get it off amazon from a america dummy!

    for your health

    agreed I'll be getting U.S. PS3 version.

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