First Look At New Zelda Game's Concept Art

At a developer's roundtable the other day, Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto showed a select group of people some concept art for the new Zelda game. That select group is about to get a lot bigger.


    Where is the Sword?

    Its got his back. The woman is the master sword!

    Look my image,
    i think, the girl is the queen fairy

    It looks just like prince Ralis. Only that Prince Ralis doesnt have a cloak. I think she is the new guide . cuz every other zelda games have a guide like, Navi, Midna, Ezlo, Tatl, and all of them are annoying. So I hope the new guide in the new game is not as annoying as them. Hey, listen or that baby laugh of Midna :(

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