First Metroid: Other M Screens

Nintendo is partnering with Team Ninja, not Retro Studios, for the newest outer space adventure starring Samus Aran, Metroid: Other M. The Wii game is a mix of first and third-person action. It looks spectacular.

Team Ninja looks like it will do wonderful things with the Wii hardware, giving Metroid fans who crave a return to third-person action something to look forward to. And the promise of Team Ninja artists and Samus Zero Suit action is practically too much to bear.

A trio of new screens on the link.


    Even I was starting to doubt that Nintendo was ever going to try anything new, but oh my God have you seen that trailer!? This looks friggin' amazing! New Metroid! *Passes out from over excitement*

    Lets just hope Nintendo is the one who handles the camera this time....

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