Fitness Guru Jillian Michaels Used To Be A Fatty

Hey, it's Jillian Michaels. You know here, she's a fitness guru. But she wasn't always a fitness guru.

"I was the fat kid who stayed up all night playing video games, like Galaga and Burger Time," says Michaels. "Now I'm looking at the state of childhood obesity today and thinking 'What if there's a way to help you stay fit by playing games?'"

Now that she's releasing a sequel to her half-a-million-plus seller Jillian Michaels' Fitness Ultimatum, we can assume one thing and only thing only: She still hasn't figured that out. That game was released only last year! We're assuming that Michaels will continue to release sequels to her Wii title until she finally gets it right and figures out how to help people stay fit by playing video games.

We wish her luck on her very noble quest.

Fitness guru Jillian Michaels brings back her 'A' game [Game Hunters]


    i would love to take her on to dinner for two

    she'd eat you.

    hey jillian, here's my ultimatum: make a decent game and i'll put down the doughnut .... in the meantime *picks up doughnut* (drools) mmmmmmmmmm sprinkles!

    Majesco could have easily coasted through two or three yearly installments of Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum based on the success of the first one. It could have chosen to stick a few new challenges in the same engine, bring Ms. Michaels in to record a few new lines and profit off of its minimal investment. But according to Michaels, Majesco went beyond that for the sequel to the game you probably ... know someone who played.

    "We went with a different developer this time around," the Biggest Loser star told USA Today's Game Hunters blog, "and now it's much easier to get around the interface, it looks much better and if you like, I can now train you, too." Ultimatum 2010 also includes a Spanish-language option and new multiplayer modes. "

    Other new features include the option to play in English and Spanish, multiplayer competitions and using a training calendar to set various fitness goals (be it weight loss, toning or strengthening). "The biggest thing I'm excited about is the fact it's now a 'game,'" Michaels said. "It feels like an adventure as you're on a remote island and must compete in boot camp-like activities and traverse through dangerous obstacle courses."

    " does sound like Majesco is putting actual effort into this sequel. Whatever you think of this kind of product (we know), at least it's not as much of a cash-in as ... it could be."


    Hey Jillian, I only watch the biggest loser to perv on're hot, next time you're in Sydney, look me up : )

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