Five Bloody Minutes Of Left 4 Dead 2 Gameplay

What's new in Left 4 Dead 2? This collection of direct feed gameplay snippets from Valve's quick sequel shows of the highlights: melee weapons, incendiary bullets, new Special Infected, zombie killin' action set during day time and... tractors!

Yes, this is the South, so you'll come across a John Deere or two in your journey from Savannah to New Orleans, whacking scores of infected with frying pans and axes. Left 4 Dead 2 looks to retain most of the gameplay established in the original, adding new infected like the Charger and four all new Survivors. Also new: fiddles.

The sequel also adds a little more clear military involvement, as you can see in this raw gameplay footage. Those air strikes were hinted at in the game's original teaser trailer, but we get to see them in action here. Also previously seen, but briefly, is the new pipe bomb effect, which sends some infected flying, rather than turning them all into red mist.

Take a gander and see if there's anything we failed to point out during our hands-on time with Left 4 Dead 2. Let's hope the new footage is more warmly received than the idea of a sequel itself.


    Instant purchase

    How the hell is this going to get past australian censors?

      err.. pretty easily.. the OFLC has not banned a game for gore in since forever.. its drugs and sex they have issues with.

      Unless Valve have decided to call the pain pills Morphine Tabs then there wont be an issue..

    Things I noticed;

    1 Player mode

    while holding a melee weapon you can use that OR punch

    blood splattering onto characters, that can be viewed by other players

    Thank you, Kotaku. Thank you.

    Didn't like how the footage kept jumping, but it gave us a good idea nonetheless. I have to say, I'm hating those fiddles, though. It seems completely incongruous to the rest of the atmosphere. The guns look sweet, however. The frying pan looked more fun than the axe, which they seemed to overuse.

    Looks awesome!

    haha sweet.
    the axe is understandable but the frying pan is just hilarious. more of a weapon or "item" to use for re-playability. Make it more fun.

    However I'm disappointed that the whole 5 mins was daytime except a dark building scene. Hope majority isn't day time. It's good they are doing it during the day to say, these survivors need to survive day & night. But i want a campaign to start day or night and by the time rescue is their its opposite to what you started.

    Loving the motel/red neck music at the end though. Brilliant.

    I do believe the black guy is a pointless character. Just doesn't look like one to survive with his pudginess & all. I don't think a character like him can run as fast as the characters do.

    Wow, a re skinned left 4 dead.
    I would be happy to pay for an expansion pack, did it really need to be a brand new game?
    I want my $80 back.
    Or the sdk.
    Valve have lost me.

    And I'm sure Valve will miss you dearly, Gauntlet.

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