Flash Fridays: The Pretender

pretender-picIn choosing today's Flash Friday, I nearly opted for Circle the Cat. If you do click on that link, then you'll be glad I eventually chose The Pretender instead.

With a surprisingly heavy story, The Pretender tells the tale of a magician who accidentally warps his audience through a portal to another world. Oh, and they all seem to have become ghosts in the process.

So you have to rescue them, negotiating minor platforming and some more major puzzling to guide each audience member's ghost back to the real world.

As a magician in this alternate world, you're able to harness an elemental power to shift your body into air or earth. These elements hold the solution to the game's puzzles.

The Pretender's beginner and easy levels are currently playable, while the medium and hard levels are temporarily locked. But do check it out now and bookmark those tougher levels for later.

The Pretender [2BeeGames]


    Actually I liked Circle the Cat better!

    Woo Hoo, i actually finished Circle the Cat on my third go! Do i get a prize?

    Yeah, what're you going to do now, pussy? Trapped in the walls like a Sims character.

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