Forza 3 Limited Edition Includes...Well, Not Much

Forza 3 will cost you $US60. But the Forza 3 Limited Edition will cost you $US80. What's jacking the price up by $US20 get you? It doesn't look like it gets you much at all.

Those parting with the extra cash will receive:

- a 2GB USB drive and a keychain, both "specially branded" (ie they've got the Forza logo on them)

- "Forza Motorsport VIP Membership", which will "entitle gamers to special treatment at the game's auction house, community storefront, and on the game's official forums."

- 5 cars, "available only through your VIP membership"

- "Exclusive Collector's Edition Car Pack", which is five cars that have been "hand tuned and hand painted by the developers at Turn 10"

- A Forza 3 dashboard theme.

So a couple of cheap trinkets, vague community perks and some in-game cars is worth $US20 now? What a world we live in.

[via GameSpot & GameStop]


    Its not worth it if you dont pay for it. The worth of an item has nothing to do with how much people are trying to sell it for.

      you get what he is trying to say

    The last forza CE was good. Came with that awesome book I still flip through now and then. The case was pretty high quality too. I'm still open to picking this up depending on what the final AUD price is like.

      I predict EB exclusive, $130 bucks. Meanwhile JB will be selling the regular version for like $80...

        @ Mr Waffle:

        Definitely won't be EB exclusive... for sure.

    The thing is, it costs $20 USD and $20AU so take inflation into account and we get those extra's (which are worth it IMO) cheaper. :)

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