Forza 3 Speeding To 360 This October

The next installment of the popular Forza racing series is heading to the Xbox 360 this spring, with a new engine, a video editor, and more cars than you can shake a stick-shift at.

Shipping in October from Turn Ten, Forza 3 will feature a brand-new engine that runs at a sliky-smooth 60 frames-per-second. And you'll need all of those frames for the new video editing feature, which will allow players to create and edit their own HD driving videos, uploading and sharing them with the Forza community.

The producer for the game took the stage at today's Microsoft E3 2009 press conference, delivering these details as well as promising "hundreds of cars", after initially mentioning the word "400" and then backpedaling.

Either way, that's a ton of cars, and the only thing racing gamers like more than racing cars is showing off to others, so it sounds like Forza 3 will be a win on all fronts.


    Loving that they maintained the 60fps. The sense of speed you get from that was mindblowing.

    The only issues from Forza 2 was the graphics were 8/10 at the most (apart from framerate) and there was no dash view. It was still one of the best racing games ever.

    Here's hoping for another fantastic racer :D
    *dusts off wireless racing wheel*

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