Forza's Mind-Blowing Trailer Took A Month To Create

One of the most stunning moments for me during Microsoft's press conference didn't come from their new virtual controller, or Beatles appearance, it came from a car ballet.

I'm not a big racing fan. I play racing sims, and occasionally enjoy them, but they're certainly not my bread and butter. The same holds true for real life cars.

But when Turn 10 Studios ended their presentation on stage by loading up a video they created using Forza Motorsport 3's in-game video editor I was blown away.

The fact that everything happening on screen had to be actually done in-game is unbelievable, never mind the graphics.

Later, when I cornered the Turn 10 guys at Microsoft's after party, I asked them just how long it took to put that together. About a month, they said.


    It's fun for sure, but it certainly puts them firmly on the Need for Speed side of the tracks, not Gran Turismo's. Or should I say it 'definitively' puts it there.. :D

    Why is this not coming to pc?

    MS aren't going to make me buy their horrible console by making exclusives, they're just going to make me pissed off and not like them as much.

    I love the little dig at GT5 at the end which STILL doesn't have damage

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