Fox And Friends Finally Addresses Fallujah Game

Despite the odd leading questions and attempts to evoke emotion in a mother who lost her son, today's Fox and Friends roundtable debate on Six Days in Fallujah wasn't much of a debate at all.

The Fox talk show gathered together Atomic Games president Peter Tamte, game advisor Capt. Read Omohundro (retired), and Tracy Miller, a woman whose son was killed during the battle Six Days in Fallujah is based on. All three are very well-composed, reacting to questions with measured, logical answers. Tamte is on point, explaining that the game was meant as a way to educate as much as a way to entertain, and Captain Read neatly deflects co-host Gretchen Carlson's attempt at a confrontational question, "Are you actually gonna say that this is a way to honour the men who died that day?"

Perhaps the most impressive performance, however, comes from Tracy Miller, who maintains a smile throughout the whole proceeding, despite Carlson's seeming attempts to illicit sadness. "Tracy... my condolences to you... you lost your son in this battle. I could never put myself in your position." Miller rolls right through it. In fact, despite being on the show as someone opposed to the game, she suggests that if this is a realistic game, she and other parents who lost their children might want the memory of their children remembered.

So yes, not much of a debate really. More like a reasoned discussion between three people, which while nice to see, makes for uninteresting morning television. Poor Gretchen.


    Its fox dude, did you really expect an intelligent debate?

    Man she was such a bitch, so negative towards the game.

    Are you kidding me, it seems as if the only insensitive person in this debate, if you could call it that was Gretchen. I know it's her job to stir up problems to make for more "entertaining" news, but please, have some respect.

    Fucking Fox and their goddamn hatred of video games. I still remember when Fox reported that Pictochat is a direct link with your children to pedophiles.

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