Free Realms Gets Guilds

Free Realms might have had a lot to offer players in terms of gameplay, but it lacked one major massively multiplayer feature, until today that is.

Sony Online Entertainment today finally launches a guild system for Free Realms, allowing friends and like-minded players to unite under a single chat channel and head tag. Any two people can form a guild, as long as the leader has reached at least level 15 in any one job. Once another player is invited to the guild and accepts, the name you pick is sent in for review and you are assigned a temporary one in the meantime, just like it works for character creation. They are generally pretty fast with approvals, so your witty pun name should be showing up within a couple of days of submission.

This is probably the one aspect of Free Realms I won't be exploring. First, the only friend I regularly played with is now dead to me, and second, I really don't want to wind up acting as a babysitter in a family-friendly online game. I've got too much mining to do.


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