Free Realms Still Growing Insanely Quickly

First they hit one million players within weeks of release. Then they hit 2 million a week and a half later. Where does the Free Realms population stand right now?

I stopped by the Sony Online Entertainment booth (to see if I could get a little mining in) and talked to Senior Producer Andrew Sites about the future of the game, which I will discuss a bit later. My main concern was their ever-growing horde of players. Where do they stand now? As of last night, the population has reached 2.5 million players, and they are still growing at a ridiculous rate. That's 500,000 new players in a week.

Could a free-to-play family-friendly massively multiplayer online game from SOE surpass World of Warcraft in users one day? At this rate it's looking like a definite possibility.


    Whoa that's pretty amazing numbers.. I signed up for it ages ago but when i got the email i couldn't be stuffed trying it, but now, might give it a go

    I also signed up and created a character but the browser download failed and I never actually played the game.

    I'd love to know how many of that 2 million played an hour or less!

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